Daniel Webster High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Christmas Luncheon
Wednesday, December 08, 2009
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Jerrell Glass, Ralph Sigler, Lyle Wiggs with Martha Witt Carpenter on
Lyle's Shoulder and Billie Max Houston standing.

Mona Lou Hicks Blevins, Mary Stilwell, Nancy Arthurs, Glen Wood,
Jane Dale Wilson and Darlene Duff Carpenter.

Earl Griffith, Bob Crafts, John Hallford, Bill Spratt, Ken Jones
and Lawrence Crow.

Carol Abel Holstine, Evelyn Looper, Martha Figart Goins, Virginia Dean Apker
and Lorene Hunt Corey.

Forefront: Billie Max Houston, wife Darlene and Phillip Morris
Background: Marilyn Perry Jones.

Milford and Bonnie Regale with Great Grandchild.

Jerrell Glass and Coach Bays.

Bonnie & Milford Reagle, Don & Lora Moody, and
Robert & Carole Holestine.

Billie Max Houston talking to Linda & Don Carpenter.

Coach Bays & wife, Virginia Dean Apker, Bob Crafts & Bill Spratt.

Juna Bibb Hatfield, Charles Walling, John Looper & wife Evelyn,
Martha Figart Goins & Wanda Greathouse Canavan.

Sandy Frear Copeland & Lavina Hollis Teague.

John & Evelyn Looper, Wanda Greathouse Canavan, Mona Lou Hicks Blevins
Mary Stilwell & Nancy Arthurs Wood.

Sandy Copeland, Lavina Teague, Joann & Howard Powell,
Lyle Wiggs and Jerrell Glass.

Lawrence Crow, Sandy & Frank Hallford, Joyce & John Garby,
and Robert Holestine.

John Looper, Lorene Corey and Evelyn Looper.

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